Waiting List

Securing a place on the Murdoch University Child Care and Kindergarten Waitlist

You recently contacted us about the Murdoch University Child Care and Kindergarten waiting list.

In order to secure your place on the list, we request that you complete an online application form.

Please click this link https://murdochuni.hubworks.com.au/ and click on the pencil icon, next to the word “Waitlist” on the lower right hand side.

Please, fill in the first section, making sure to provide your phone number and email address. It is not necessary to fill in the whole enrolment form, at this stage. But please scroll to the end of the document to click on the “submit” button.

We will send you a confirmation email and provide regular updates on your progress.

We look forward to working with you and your child

Feel free to contact us regarding any further questions.