Management Committee

We invite you to join the Murdoch University Child Care Association Management Committee

The Centre is managed by a committee of unpaid volunteers: the Murdoch University Child Care Association.


The current management committee members included:

PRESIDENT: Una Dorsheimer-Roberts 

Treasurer Brooke Chapman

Secretary: Danielle Doherty

Staff Liaison: Ken Young

Your Commitment to the Murdoch University Management Committee

Interested people can nominate for a position on the management committee before the Annual General Meeting, which is held each October.

The committee meets every 4 – 6 weeks during the 11 months of the year that the centre is open. The meetings are generally held on a Tuesdays from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Child care is provided for children who usually attend the centre on other days.

The Committee’s focus is on the general governance requirements under Incorporation Law. This is primarily concerned with supporting the executive function of the Centre Director. It will also involve overseeing income and expenditure (in line with the not-for-profit sector), supporting personnel management, overseeing the service’s compliance with Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority Federal Laws and Regulations, Occupational Health and Safety State Government legislation, Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Membership to the committee will also provide opportunities to contribute to decisions about all aspects of management and the care and education of the children who attend the service.

Murdoch University Child Care Centre’s current officer bearing positions are:

President: On the Murdoch University Management Committee, this role involves the chairing of the committee meetings and the representation of the committee at official functions (which are seldom) and in official communications

Secretary: This role mostly comprises of minute taking during the committee meetings and correspondence in relation to sharing minutes, setting dates and meeting agendas.

Treasurer: The treasurer works with the Centre Director to develop a clear picture of the centre financial position and planning for future contingencies such as increasing fees and wages

Staff Liaison Officer: Makes themselves available to staff if difficulties emerge within the team. This function ensures that staff do not approach committee members during their drop off and pickups of their children. This role also provides an alternative to the Director if disagreements emerge. Historically, this is a rare event.

The Roles and Duties of the Management Committee